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Ground Water Presence Detector

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It gives an alert whenever there is water on the floor and avoids serious "water damage". It is installed in places such as:

  • Cellar, car park, pumping room,
  • boiler room, laundry room, kitchen,
  • pool filtration room, control room, computer room, etc.


Introduction & Functions

Fully static in design for total reliability, it consists of an Electronics Receiverwhich delivers a 24 Vrms security voltage to power the Sensorwhich is placed on the ground.

if the water (or conductive liquid) touches the Sensor, the Electronic Receiver  relay trips and its changeover contact generates an alarm, a signal or a command.

The Electronics Receiver  is placed in an IP65 PVC housing: There are three versions, one of which has an integrated Buzzer for acoustic signalling. All three AQUALARM versions come with ONE "Single Sensor 213 647" with two metres of cable

The Sensor must be installed on the test surface - there are two types:

SINGLE sensor 213 647, consisting of a brass feeder and a 2 metre run of wire: it detects at a specific point (option to connect several sensors in parallel, see page 2/2).

BRAID sensor 216 727, sold by the metre run: whatever the portion of the braid affected, the presence of water is detected.

Optionally, a remote Horn can be provided (220V bell).

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