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Temperature recorder

Temperature recorder


Remote Temperature

Ambiante Temperature

Mechanical temperature recorder

Temperature recording on Ø125 mm diagram

Remote reading: Food processing & pharmaceutical industries, medical chilling, etc.

Ambient temperature reading: Heated premises, air-conditioned rooms, food distribution, etc.

For storage and warehousing of refrigerated and frozen foods,

Mini-disk Ø125 mm

Battery power or mechanical timer

Sheathed copper probe. Optional: Screw-in probes, in stainless steel, with stainless steel sheath, etc. (See manual 319).

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Enregistreur Electronique de Température


Logiciel pour Enregistreur Electronique AirData


Enregistreur à Mini Disque : T° à Distance ou T° AMBIANTE


Enregistreur à Mini Disque : THERMINDEX AUTONOME suivant Norme EN 12830-SA2